“Nothing happens in a business until someone sells something.”

Sales Performance

In our work with an eclectic mix of Sales Directors and Senior Executives, the recurring discussion has centred on identifying what needs to be done to improve sales results and the effectiveness of their sales organisations.

This challenge is often set against cost and organisational restraints, constant changes in the competitive landscape and most significantly increasing expectations of customers.

Whilst analysis of the numerical data of the previous week/month/cycle performance and the latest sales forecast are important there is a growing need to generate information about the behavioural preferences of customers as they progress through their buying process.

We believe Senior Executives should have the answers to these questions in order to execute their sales strategy.

How do your customers perceive you and your sales strategy?

Do customers view your salespeople as possessing the knowledge, skills and behaviours to earn the right to their business?

Do you see your salespeople demonstrating the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to drive your sales strategy?

Sales Force Effectiveness

Our research and customer feedback surveys have enabled us to identify some of the key factors that impact sales force effectiveness.

Sales people who recognise the effect of their behaviours on other people and recognise the need for interpersonal flexibility during the sales process.

Sales people who have the skills and competencies to drive a buyer aligned sales process

Sales managers who recognise the effect of their behaviours on the performance of their team and who have the critical management skills and leadership competencies to influence, motivate and support individual and team performance

A Senior Management team that empowers people to attain their personal goals and corporate objectives by creating an operating culture predicated on Achievement and Support. Leadership Development Needs Analysis.

Sales Development Needs Analysis- Selling from the buyer’s point of view

S-DNA was designed to help you prioritise the skills needed to drive your sales strategy and to measure your salespeople’s skills against your priorities and your customer’s needs.

It is a 360- degree web based measurement instrument that generates feedback from customers, sales managers and a self-perception. The base measure would be on customers’ views of the current performance of specific sales behaviours and competencies and the importance of these behaviours in further developing the business relationship.

The S-DNA generic base currently measures 14 competencies, with a built in facility to integrate behavioural range statements that are client specific.

Sales Development Architecture

Sales Development Architecture
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Our on-going research, involving more than 400 customers who have completed S-DNA for participants on our Sales Development Programmes, continues to provide insight to some of the competencies that are currently seen to be most important in to-days business environment.

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In Brief

Survey your customers to identify the key behaviours and competencies that they value as part of their buying relationship with your organisation and their account manager

S-DNA provides comprehensive information that enables sales organisations, sales teams and individual salespeople to target the specific areas for improvement. The outputs can be translated into business plans, sales processes and sales behaviours.

Organisations receive invaluable information as to what their customers want from your sales people as part of their buying process and where you can best invest your sales skills development budget.

Individuals receive comprehensive feedback from their manager and customers on their perceived strengths and development opportunities. A prioritised action plan is automatically generated.

Sales managers can accurately target their coaching and support activities and then track progress through a selective re measure.

S-DNA used with Behavioural Style and Leadership – DNA can develop a powerful, sustainable Sales Performance System to drive your strategy

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