Our Purpose

SCA Consultants’ purpose for 22 years has been to help organisations achieve their business objectives through the training and development of their people.    Many of our current clients, SME’s through to blue-chip clients, have been with us since our inception.  Challenging people to grow and change through behavioural flexibility and modification are at the heart of our specialism in Sales, Leadership and Executive Development. We believe that our combination of research, academic rigour and pragmatic solutions ensure  all our development initiatives are targeted at specific business objectives and issues that you are facing in the day to day achievement of your Strategy. Our web based technology also enables us to create cost effective, bespoke survey tools to generate feedback from staff, customers and suppliers on issues that you see as important to the success of your business. A growing part of our business is to provide other consultants with measurement and survey tools in support of their business activities.

Our Approach

A measurable change in behaviour must take place if ANY development initiative is to be successful. Our expertise is in helping people make the link between your strategy, their corporate and personal objectives, and driving the behavioural change and skill development necessary for success. We use our ’Strategic Bubbles’ model to ensure we understand both the content and context of your strategy, with a particular focus on goals and behaviours. The model is also our discovery template for acquiring client data and information for integration into development programmes and training initiatives Our Performance System methodology, forged by and with our clients over many years, is driven by our range of 360 metrics, pragmatic workshops and structured feedback on the positive and negative consequences of the learner’s behaviours On-the-job management support, reinforcement and coaching are essential components.

Our Network

Our network of colleagues, based in the UK, Europe and the USA, operate in a climate of mutual trust, challenge and demonstrable passion for what we do. Other areas of expertise focus on survey and feedback design, sales and marketing recruitment, executive headhunt. We strive to deliver business solutions, using our quality learning programmes and measurement surveys, to help you achieve your strategy.   Gerry Spencer, our senior partner, who focuses on our Behavioural Change, Leadership and Sales Curricula, is an accredited associate of Durham University Business School.

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